Friday, August 04, 2006

Stalking The Tootsie Roll

It was four feet long, brown and hard
That Tootsie Roll in Charlie's yard.
& when the girls went out to play,
They'd plot that Tootsie Roll to slay.
They'd stalk and creep around the house,
They'd tiptoe, quiet as a mouse.

They planned and plotted lots of tricks,
That great summer they were six.
They hid and dodged from tree to tree
In hopes that none would ever see,
While they maneuvered out of sight
& sidled up to grab a bite.

But cars drove by and people walked
Every time that Roll they stalked.
Just one way — keep out of sight,
& do the deed in dark of night!
But six year olds are long asleep
When summer darkness up does creep.

With woman's wisdom, now I know
‘Twas only wood wrapped up for show.
But that summer took such delight
In planning how to steal a bite.
& spent my days beneath the sun,
Plotting larceny for fun.


J said...

What a freakishy cruel neighbor you had! Fun poem, though. :)

Cherry said...

And you know good ol' Charlie was watching and waiting to see you girls discover this trick.

Maya's Granny said...

Charlie was an executive with the company that made Tootsie Rolls and it was an advertising thing. I believe, from what Uncle Wes told me, that all of the managers had them in their yards. I doubt that anyone ever thought that children might think they were real.

kenju said...

Very funny!