Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Kitten Poems

Here are two more of the poems I wrote for Maya when the Hooligans were little.

Bedroom Lamp

What a realization!
What a minor shock!
Our Merry is an athlete.
Our Merry is a jock.
He crouches low,
He springs up high,
He swats the cord,
That dangles from the sky.
His claws connect,
Well, what a scamp!
Our Merry has turned on
The hanging bedroom lamp.

Litter Mates

I'm sleeping quite soundly,
Tucked up warm and neat,
When two wicked kittens
Start wrestling my feet!

They tumble, they rumble,
They climb up my side,
Those silly young kittens
Must think they can hide!

Here he comes!
There he goes!
That zany black Pippin
Is stalking my toes!

How he laughs!
How he mocks!
That wicked gray Merry
Has stolen my socks!

& they run & they hide
Pounce, scamper -- karoom!
Up the stairs, down the hall
As they bounce about the room.

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