Saturday, December 30, 2006

Because It's There
As Merry gets a little older,
Merry gets a whole lot bolder.
And now he really wants to know
Just how high that he can go.
From stove to frig to cupboard top
Up and up, he'll never stop.
Suddenly, a worried frown —
He's ten feet up. Can he get down?
Piteous mews to call for Granny,
To save him crashing on his fanny.
Granny's only five foot two —
What does he think she can do?
Although the path is very steep
That silly kitten has to leap.
Carefully, now brace and look,
Retrace the path that up he took.
Granny coached him through the muddle,
And afterwards they had a cuddle

This was written when the Hooligans were about six months old.


Anvilcloud said...

One delight of having a lame cat is that he's not a climber.

marianne said...

I have a rottweiler puppy (though huge at 8 months) who thinks she's a kitten sometimes. She gallops and jumps into some funny places!

ShortWoman said...

This poem reminds me of something that happened when we lived in Vegas. We had a bigger house than we really needed, with a cat friendly ledge that ran from the second floor loft all the way to the raised-ceiling living room. One day the cat was exploring and jumped from this ledge to a living room window about 12-14 feet off the floor. Around the time I rounded the corner into the room, cat realized she did not have enough room on the windowsill to turn around and jump back to the ledge. Uh-oh.

She did manage to jump down safely, but it was a tense moment that I could only laugh about the next day.

kenju said...

A very cute poem, which reminded me of a cat we once had who climbed like that all the time and was too scared to come down. Luckily the two we have now are not too adventureous.