Thursday, June 29, 2006

Would you believe?

So, I was reading this and had to share my thoughts on it with you. In a lifetime of being fat and reading about it, thinking about it, living with it, etc. I have heard a number of theories about why more people are fatter these days, starting with take out and modern conveniences causing us to eat too much and exercise too little and going to one study that claimed it was a virus. (Just what fat people need, an already fatphobic society deciding that you can catch it from just being around us! I can see it now, not only will they charge us more for plane seats [thank you, Southwestern] but they'll refuse to get on the elevator with us. Ooh, fat cooties!) And, some of the conclusions drawn by this study I've heard before: sleep deprivation and medication come readily to mind. However, my favorites here are 9. Darwinian natural selection and 10. Associative breeding.

Nine is saying that fat people live longer than thin people (and I read a study last year that said that and I have some very long lived fat ancestors) which causes me to wonder -- if we live longer, why is obesity a health problem again? Aren't all of those people who tell us that we need to lose weight concerned about our health? Don't they "just want you to live long enough to see your grandchildren"?

Ten says that fat people are having sex with other fat people, resulting in more chubby children. Think about that one for a moment. First off, don't we tell kids that if they are fat no one will be attracted to them? (Heaven knows it's what they told me!) And now, it seems, that we are so attractive that we are outbreeding the thin folks. Of course, fat people having sex with fat people would tend to result in fat children. But, and here is the kicker, aren't thin people having sex with other thin people? Doesn't that result in thin kids? How, exactly, does this work?

It puzzles me. But, one thing I gotta say, if we live longer and have more and more productive sex, score one for my team.


J said...

Go fat people! Some of those reasons were just whacky. :)

Rawmilkstar said...

Hah!! Maya's Granny... the reason why the fat people (and we know that "fat" could mean a woman who wears a size 12!!) is because the thin women are infertile due to their too thin bodies. Only the wealthy thin can afford fertility treatments. The "fat" women's bodies are functioning properly and can grow a healthy baby. Thus, the "fat" people are having babies and procreating "normal" sized people. Love your blog so far.