Friday, July 07, 2006

Anticipation Friday

Last week I explained the importance of Alternate Thursday to me. That's the day I get my Full Circle Farm box. Today is Anticipation Friday. It is the day I get an e-mail from FCF telling me what will be in next week's box. I can then go online and trade out three items from a list of substitutes, which includes items I can double up on, and order supplementary items at an additional price per item. Oh, the decisions! Sometimes they are easy. I mostly trade out kale, as it is a bit strong for me. And any time they have Meyer lemons, gotta have lots of those! (Like a true California girl, I eat them out of hand with a little salt.) But, sometimes! There is something I would like to double up on, but nothing I want to do without! What to do, what to do. Sometimes I can order more of the item I want at the extra cost. Sometimes they don't offer it and I can't.

And once I have made my decision, then I look at the list of what I am getting (and it is: broccoli, sweet onions, basil, zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, Romaine lettuce, nectarines, pluots, limes, Bing cherries!) and start planning. I'll add chicken stock, garlic, a cinnamon stick, and hot salsa to make a pot of zucchini lime soup! (A lovely hot weather soup.) Add potatoes from my last box to broccoli and sweet onions from the new, that's several dinners with steamed veggies. Basil, onions, and tomatoes! Add rice wine vinegar and oil and it's Karla's tomatoes, of course. Fills me with delight as I taste the treats in my mind.

Ah, such a lot of enjoyment from every little bite. Anticipation. Reception. Preparation. And finally, sit down and eat that good grub.


Deja Pseu said...

Joycelyn, would you share the recipe for the zucchini lime soup? Pretty please????

My brother-in-law made a gazpacho for July 4th that was easily the best I've ever tasted. It had small bits of mango and avocado in it. I'm working on him to share that recipe too. (He's a professional chef and isn't always eager to share his recipes, especially the ones he's created.)

Kate said...

Yes, please share the recipe for zucchini lime soup! I'll share my smashing recipe for cantaloupe soup if you do!

I'm so glad to know you're getting Meyers lemons! I look at my trees groaning with fruit & think "I should send some of these to Joycelyn" & then I remember that it costs an arm & a leg & your firstborn to do that. And I didn't think you wanted Michael to arrive on your doorstep!

Maya's Granny said...

Kate, I have long loved Michael. He was a cutey when he was still called Thumper, and he's a cutey now. Send him my way. As long as he brings Meyer lemons, because a gal can never have too many M. lemons or handsome young men in her life.
And, yes I will post that recipe. I intended to do it now, but I came back upstairs to the computer without that cookbook, so it will have to wait until I come up at bedtime.
And I would love the recipe for cantaloupe soup!