Monday, July 10, 2006

Day Three

So, no phone call since Saturday. I can safely assume that they ran into no problems that Stephanie couldn't handle and they are now at camp, and having fun. I have been e-mail corresponding with the camp director for about six weeks now, and her staff have been so excited to be having my teens come all the way from Alaska that it is heart warming. They went out of their way to meet Stephanie and the girls at the airport this morning and are going out of their way to deliver them back on Friday. They rounded up bedding for them so that they wouldn't have to drag it from Alaska. They rounded up prom dresses for them so they wouldn't have to bring those from home. They e-mailed them regularly to tell them what to bring and what to expect and just to make certain that they were not the only campers there that didn't already know someone. Bless the Michigan MADD chapter. I feel this sense of a job well done.

They start back on the 14th, and unless I hear anything from them, you won't get any further updates from me until then.

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Nikki Smith said...

We delivered them safely to the airport (Flint, MI) a while ago, and they are on their way home, happy, tired, and wearing silly looking "warm fuzzies" - which they may never part with. We went to lunch at McDonald's on the way home, they got to see how ugly an automotive town really is, and how beautiful other parts of Michigan are. We were delighted to have them with us, and it was wonderful getting to spend time with Stephanie - you have a real jewel on your staff in her.

Camp week went beautifully, although heavy rains one day forced some creative work on our schedule - but everything still fell into place.

Ask the girls about trash-bag rafting. And ask Crystalynn about catching her very first fish. I think they had fun!

Thank you so much for sharing your group with us, and I hope we can continue to work together towards preventing drug and alcohol abuse.

Ok, I got home an hour ago - time to start working on camp 2007. :)