Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day Two

So far as I know, having received no phone calls to the contrary, Stephanie, Crystalyn, and Danielle left Juneau at 6 a.m. and Jessica left Ketchikan at 7. They should have connected in Seattle about an hour ago and now they have the day to visit the museum and shop. Stephanie doesn't like shopping, so she plans to take a book. Picture it now. Three teens who never get to a big city mall, only one of whom gets to any kind of a mall (and what we call malls [all 2 of them] here in Juneau I used to call small strip malls when I lived in California) at all and only one of our "malls" has a clothing store that would appeal to a teen. Two of the girls buy from catalogs or from the same store that everyone in their community (yes, men and babies and toddlers and kid brothers and grandparents) shops at. And these three are wandering free in a big city mall! Shadowed by a woman with a book! And all four a trifle overwhelmed by the size of things and the number of people about. I don't know if it is more heaven or hell.

They will leave Seattle at 10:50 tonight, change planes in Cleveland, and arrive in Flint at 8 tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the other teens coming to camp may be getting their things together or they may be putting that off until tomorrow morning. The camp staff has been working hard all week. I know that because I have been exchanging e-mails with them.

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