Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Poor Jesus

I keep a steno pad beside my chair to take notes on. Mostly I do grocery lists and such things as that. Sometimes I note books or movies or music that I want to get/see/read/hear. Sometimes I copy things I've read or heard that I liked. When I do that, I almost always write the author/speaker's name. Sometimes things occur to me and I write them down, as well. The lists start from the front of the pad, the quotes start from the back.

I used the last sheet of the current pad for my grocery list last Saturday. When I tore it off, there was one piece of paper with the statement below on it. I have googled it, and I don't find who wrote it. It could be me. It could be someone else. I know that I was reading something about Jerry Falwell saying that he spends all day Saturday in communion with Jesus. That's when Jesus tells him what he wants him to do -- like, I presume, take on Tinky Winky. And this sentence is about that. If someone else wrote it, I'll gladly attribute it to them. If it's mine, I'm kind of pleased with it.

Poor Jesus, first he's crucified and then he has to spend his Saturdays with Jerry Falwell.


J said...

God, can you imagine? Your whole friggin day? What about the rest of us?

Ally Bean said...

sounds like a bumper sticker. too funny.

Autumn's Mom said...

That does sound like a good bumper sticker. Do you think Jesus naps while Jerry is praying? hahaha

Maya's Granny said...

Jesus is supposed to be infinitely good. How, I wonder, does that translate into dealing with Jerry? Does it mean he has to hang out with him? Or, if he were really good, would he rub him out to save the rest of us?