Saturday, July 01, 2006

Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel

Not that I forgot to say "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" you understand. Just follow-up on Rabbit etc. and a couple of other things mentioned earlier.
1. Several of you have commented on the Rabbit post and I am amazed. I had no idea so many people knew about the turtle exchange! Over the almost half century since Kate and her Scout troop did this, I must have told a good 50 people about it and except for the owner of the Turtle Club outside of Fairbanks, this is the first time I have ever run into anyone who knew about it or who didn't think me odd for remembering! Kate doesn't even remember it! (Well, of course Linda and Bobby and Fern didn't think me odd for remembering, but they expect me to know everything.) And now I discover there is even a web site devoted to it. here
2. I was saying that the A & P produce section needs to be A & A: not just that section, apparently! Last week I bought some new garbage bags there and this morning I opened the box and used one to change the cat box. Dumped the dirty litter into the bag, closed up the bag, lifted the bag and my thumb went right through it and there I was with dirty cat litter in my shoes!
3. Pippin is the smarter one. Yes. Bought a couple of pounds of Bing cherries today from a fruit stand (the man flew the cherries up in a small plane and was selling them in a parking lot. A couple of years ago it was peaches. Very good.) and had them in a bowl in the kitchen. I was sitting reading and I heard this plunk, plunk, plunk noise. Looked around. Merry was curled up with his face buried in his paws, sound asleep. Got up, went into the kitchen. There was Pippin with a couple of cherries hanging from his teeth by the stems, and about 20 or so on the floor. I once read a naturalist who said that the smarter the animal the more messes they make and I knew immediately he meant Pippin. Pippin, as I like to say, is a raven with fur!

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Anvilcloud said...

Ours is a threat to candy left in a dish, especially candy canes at Christmas.