Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Meme

So, Julie tagged me. Haven't done a meme before, but this certainly gives me something for Sunday, leaving a couple at least started "in the can" which is a good thing this week, as school started here last week and I will be over at the high school recruiting for Teens In Action, and probably fairly tired in the evenings. And not at my desk over lunch, either.

1. Things that scare me:
George W. Bush
Religious fanatics
People who actually believe that Saddam had anything to do with 9/11

2. People who make me laugh:
Stephen Colbert
Jon Stewart
Lewis Black
Mark Twain

3. Things I hate the most:
George W. Bush
Politics and the way they work
People who harm children

4. Things I don't understand:
People who don't reflect on their experience
Bigotry of any kind

5. Things I'm doing right now:
Drinking grapefruit juice
Rubbing Pippin's belly with my toes while he wraps himself around my left foot and purrs

6. Things I want to do before I die:
Write a lot more
Travel a lot more

7. Things I can do:
Teach anything I can learn
Learn a very wide range of things
Write so that people laugh and cry when I want them to

8. Things I can't do:
Sing well
Draw at all

10. Things I think you should listen to:
Children when they tell you there is a bear in the yard or a black widow spider on the stairs*
Your conscience
Bird song
The surf
Whatever makes you laugh really hard

11. Things you should never listen to:
Discouraging words
Hate filled talk
People who don't know you're there

12. Things I'd like to learn:
To draw
To sing
To whistle

13. Favorite foods:
Thanh Long crab
Bing cherries
Jamaican jerk pork
Ripe peaches
Grilled salmon
Mongolian barbecue

14. Beverages I drink regularly:
Grapefruit and pomegranate juice
Hot and Spicy V-8

15. Shows I watched as a kid:
I Love Lucy
Captain Video and his Video Rangers
Hopalong Cassidy
The Lone Ranger
The Cisco Kid (Listened to)

16. People I'm tagging (to do this meme):

* My sister, Loretta, once told our nephew Elzie to go out and play when he reported a bear in the yard, and then when she went out to hang the wash discovered that there was one, along with her five children and our brother Chuck's four and she had to chase it away with a transitor radio because she didn't know how to shoot the rifle; I once said "Yes, Dear" to Richard when he told me there was a black widow on the stairs and sent him down those stairs to go outside and play and then went down them myself and saw that was one.


Uncivil said...

I wish you didn't hate G. Bush so much. Although he is a hubristic politician and is a religious christian fanatic who is fighting Islamic fanatics.

It takes a fanatic to fight a fanatic!LOL!!!!!!

~mona~ said...

Readin' your blog as the sun rises here on the east coast. Does writing about the past keep it alive? I am so deeply mourning the passing of the years with my mom and dad and brothers, and even more deeply the "missingness" of my children as they've grown up and moved away. I read your blog and I have hope that eventually the fountain of sorrow will stop. I stay busy, very busy, to feel like life goes on, but I don't quite always believe it. Oh, and yes, Bush sucks.

Maya's Granny said...

Mona, I have found that writing about the past keeps it alive to some extent. It gives me the essence of what it was about to treasure. I would love to have parts of it back, but I can always remember them, even though I can't relive them.

J said...

Thanks for doing the meme! First one. Sometimes they're fun!