Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Visit Py Korry

Visit Ted over at Py Korry and read his post, Lieberman, Party of One. It is succinct and well thought out. He talks about Lieberman's loss of the Connecticut primary yesterday, what his running as an independent could mean, and some of the issues that are being aired already.

What Lieberman never managed to get (I won't say figure out, he didn't need to figure it out, he just needed to listen to what people were saying) was that the people are tired of this war, they are tired of the way this country is being run, they are tired of the disregard of the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions and basic human decency that are the hallmarks of this administration, and they are tired of Joe Lieberman being an apologist for them. He doesn't get that there is no bi-partisan position on invading another nation on the basis of lies and torturing the people that you capture when you do. There is no bi-partisan position on ignoring the Bill of Rights and crony capitalism and the President stripping the cover from a CIA covert agent. There is no middle of the road between good and evil. For a man who stood up in the Senate and scolded Bill Clinton for adultery, Joe Lieberman shows no moral fiber himself. He may not diddle the interns, he may not cash in on the graft, but he not only stands by while evil is done, he gets in there and suggests that to protest is treasonous.

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