Sunday, September 24, 2006


I will be in Sitka and probably away from any computers between Sunday morning and Thursday night. Meantime, Julie will use her authority as my team member and publish one of the posts I have in the can every day. However, since I have comment moderation, the comments will have to wait until I return. Please do comment, it's how I know you care.

If I get to a computer while I'm gone, I will drop in and see what thoughts you've had. In the meantime, the first time I went to Sitka (about 12 years ago) I walked across this bridge, which goes from the island the town is on to the island the airport is on, and when I got back to town I was so dehydrated from the wind that I drank three glasses of ice water in the time it took the waitress to bring me a Pepsi. The waitress said the staff was worried I wasn't going to come up for air. And, I have never, in all my life tasted anything better.


J said...

I'll try to do some comment moderation from time to time while my mom is gone. :)

Ginnie said...

Hope it's a fun reason that takes you away. I always enjoy your posts.

Anvilcloud said...

Have a nice trip.