Friday, October 13, 2006

Something Odd

An hour ago I was looking at my blogroll and I noticed that something odd had happened to it -- most of it was gone. It went down to Dilletante's Progress just fine, and then it said "Dri". What?

So I went into my template and everything on my template after the Dri for Driftwood Inspiration was simply gone. I know I didn't do it. I know you didn't do it. I haven't a clue how it happened.

Anyway, by going to the blogs left on my truncated roll and linking and copying from there, and by doing a couple of google searches for things I could remember but wasn't finding on other peoples rolls and by tracing back some from comments, I have most of them back. However, since I had divided my roll into groups of 10 and no groups with either more or less, and now I have one with 12, I know I haven't completely rebuilt it. If you are suddenly off, I will figure that out soon and put you back on.

Meanwhile, anyone who has any idea how that could have happened, I'd like to know. I'd like to guard against it happening again. And I'd like to know how my template could be messed with.


Anvilcloud said...

Strange. It wasn't just a browser malfunction, but they were actually gone from your template? Has somebody hijacked it, and are they just playing a little prank? You could change your password. (You could also cut and paste your template into Notebook and have a backup copy.)

Maya's Granny said...

Yes, they were actually gone from my template. That's a good idea about the password and having a backup copy. I don't remember if I had anything below the blog roll in the template, and if I did, it is all gone.

Cherry said...

I bet Julie did it... or the Friday the 13th gremlines.

But yea, whenever I change my template, even just the slightest, I always save a copy of it (more as a safeguard from myself when I'm playing with it).

Hope it doesn't happen again!

Chancy said...

Sorry about your blog troubles but glad you retained my driftwood inspiration and others.

I am such novice I do not know how to do a blog roll but is I ever figure it out Maya's Granny will be high on my list.

Chancy said...

One day I may just publish my "blog role" as a simple comment.

Maya's Granny said...

Cherry, No, it wasn't Julie. She is as puzzled as I am.