Friday, November 17, 2006


You may have noticed a blog mentioned on my blogroll, Molly Saves the Day. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the link no longer worked. It took me to a commercial site instead of where I wanted to go. Since I like Molly, I would try the link every once in a while, thinking that while obviously someone had managed to do something to her site, somehow she would fix it. Didn't happen. So, I did a blog search for Molly Saves the Day, which netted me the following links/articles.

Hear Me Roar


and Biting Beaver

I have no idea what to say. I had no idea such things could happen. Did happen.

I wish there were a way that I could express to Molly how outraged I am at what was done to her and how much I will miss her.

But, more than that, I wish there were a way that I could stop such cruelty. That such behavior were never thinkable to anyone. That all people felt secure enough and loved enough that hating others simply didn't happen.


Axinar said...

I wish there were a way that I could express to Molly how outraged I am at what was done to her and how much I will miss her.

Now, I went through some of the archives the best I could, but couldn't find it -

What exactly DID happen to Molly?

Ginnie said...

I think that hatred is pervasive in our society today and I wonder how that happened? But, then I realize that it has always been with us and that we just have so much more access to it via the internet, etc. The thing that bothers me is that the hatred side seems so much stronger and is very difficult to combat.
Maybe a softer, but very persistent, approach would get better results. I just know ... but it saddens me.
PS: keep up your good work.

gawilli said...

My daughter shared with me some of the hatefulness that the "larger" bloggers endure. I was not aware of this. It seems a shame that people cannot "play nicely together", but sadly goes the sandbox of life. As Willi says quite often "We need to just agree to disagree." And be done with it.

Zan said...

Dammit. I liked Molly. She was cool, even if I didn't always agree with her. My buddy Jules at Depressed Single Mother has also disappeared and that just makes me sad.

naomi dagen bloom said...

thanks for posting this. went to the links you listed and join your sadness. though i celebrate that we now have more women in congress, in my heart i know that the struggle for women's equality continues. for some it is every hour of every day.

J said...

I wish I knew what had happened to her. The links seemed to all assume that I was familiar with the story.

Maya's Granny said...

I'm not certain what happened. There was nothing said, that I ever saw, on her site. I am piecing together clues from the three sites I linked to, including Axinar's. Mostly Biting Beaver's -- which, I assume is extrapolation from things she has also received. I read it that the trolls got really ugly and she closed her blog because of that. Since the only comments I've ever received that I didn't want were commercial, I don't know how ugly they can get, but Biting Beaver seems to say that death and rape were threatened. Since I'm not a radical anything blogger, I don't see these things.
My fantasy is that Molly is substantially younger than my 64 years, that much less prepared for such ugliness being directed at her.
I miss her. Like Zan, I didn't always agree with her, but she was articulate and concise and always gave me furiously to think. If I didn't agree, she made me consider why I didn't agree.

sweet_melody51 said...

I also miss Molly....she truly did save many days for me....and her poinent and honest point of view! If we can ever find her again, she is a gem and needs support when she comes back onto the schene....she is tanishous and will not be held down!