Friday, November 10, 2006

Three Poems That Tickle My Fancy

Things That Fall From The Sky
In summer we get rain,
In winter we get snow.
This morning, there is snain
Dear God, don't send us roe.

Days That Rhyme
Some days I'm inspired; some days I'm not.
Some days I'm blocked; some days I'm hot.
I love the days when the words just flow
And images seem to shape and glow.
I feel more alive with a rhyme in mind,
I'm much more alert, I can be more kind.
When the rhymes and rhythm are easy to see,
Somehow, then, I feel more like me.

Prayer for a Winter Day
Mother Cabrini be really nice
And help me park on this patch of ice.
Make my wheels go steady and slow
And keep me out of that pile of snow


Anonymous said...

thanks. I love reading your blog, and even read some of the Joy and Forry stories to my daughter (almost 5).

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are great J. You have a very sweet humor about your writing and your poetry. Wonderful.

Ally Bean said...

I like these. I think that Prayer for a Winter Day could become my mantra this winter. You don't have snow yet, do you?

Cuppa said...

Love them! Thanks for sharing. Each one brought a smile to my face and that is a nice way to start the day.

Hope you have a day full of rhymes.

J said...

Maybe you could pray for us to get snow this winter? Just maybe one day, and it could melt by 10:00...we haven't had it since 1975, I don't think. (Not entirely snowed in January of 2001, the hills looked like the Sierras, but it didn't snow in Walnut Creek, so we didn't get to watch it coming down...

OK, just pray for us to go to Tahoe this winter instead. ;)

Ms. Mamma said...

Snain? I LOVE it! Excellent!

Maya's Granny said...

Yes, we do have snow yet. It came down on Monday, huge flakes the size of your thumbnail, floating luxuriously to the ground, covering the world and causing drivers to go slip-sliding here and there. Driving conditions were bad enough that I took a cab to the high school on Wednesday, since I had discovered on Tuesday, with a small slide that was easy to get out of, that the agency car didn't have studded tires on yet. (It does now.)

Godwhacker said...

They are all very enjoyable ~ I like the second the best.

Ginnie said...

Are these your poems? They sound like you so I assume they are. Really enjoyed the "roe". Ginnie

Maya's Granny said...

Yes, these are mine. I would attribute anything that was someone else's.