Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How They Come

A while back I decided to get a site meter. I wish I'd known before how much fun they are and I would have installed one a long time ago. Every night I can check it and find out all sorts of things. I love the world map which shows the last visitors.

I was astonished that there are people who visit from Australia and Korea and Egypt, as well as more places in Europe and Canada and the US than I would have guessed. How amazing. I sit on my mountain side in Alaska, and people from anywhere in the world not only can read what I've written, some of them do!

I can check to see who's on now -- my sister in Kotzebue and someone in Dayton and me, at the moment.

The next thing I discovered was the "by referrals" record, which is how some of you were finding out what people were looking for when they came via Google or Yahoo to your blogs. And it is amazing! The number of people who are looking for spanking blows my mind. Some of them are interested in discipline, and some of them cause me to blush! And then I think, someone who is interested in erotic spanking must be disappointed when they read my post on the few disciplinary spankings I received in my life. And I have to admit to being a touch shocked at the number of people looking for erotic grandmother spankings. What a sheltered life I've led, and I always thought I was pretty adventurous.

A number have come looking for directions on how to fix a garbage disposal that someone has run potato peels down. That reassures me, somehow, that my mother isn't the only person to do that. People have also been hopeful they could learn to remove pomegranate juice stains and fix a broken door knob. And all I have to offer is the information that other people have these problems, too.

For some reason, there seem to be people looking for Hooligan poems--I do hope they aren't disappointed that mine are about cats. Also about Granny poems. A number of people have come looking for help with restless legs syndrome. Sorry that I only reported that I have it -- should anyone find this post with that need, I use two coral calcium tablets and a quarter of a 5/325 mg Percocet tablet at bedtime and another quarter Percocet tablet at 4 a.m. if needed.

People have come looking for Santa and "Barbie head Christmas tree." I got a number of people interested in knee high gladiator sandals, white coats for men (I think they may have wanted to buy one, instead they got a couple of horror stories about dentists), decorating the tree, chipped incisor, cherry pits, drowning peacefully (I'm not sure which post got caught in that Google search), "why did grandma add a wheel to her rocking chair" got them the Lakota Grandmother's Cat. Olive tree and baby giraffe and mood rings and the Haight Ashbury, as well as the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia have drawn in their share of visitors.

Apparently my great-grandmother's great-grandmother wasn't the only person who read books "civer to civer" because people have come looking for that. And someone besides Richard suffered some kind of "pizza hurt".

The search engine in Japanese looking for doll and the ones in Arabic, Hebrew, German, and French gave a nice international flare to the whole thing.

Anyway, my site meter is a very fun toy.


Tabba said...

I agree. I wasn't privy to the site meter right away when constructing my blog. Someone suggested it to me & how happy I am that she did. (I was getting irritated with anonymous comments). Anyway, I've come to find that I enjoy checking my 'stats' just as much as I enjoy checking my comments or other blogs...pretty narcissistic on my part, I suppose. But it so enjoyable to see what parts of the globe people are 'visiting' from & the Google searches are a riot. Some are head-swellers & others are a tad bit scary.
Fun stuff, all in all though.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday, by the way!

Gina said...

I also love the world map feature!

And, the referrals are almost always good for a hearty laugh.

Jill said...

I just KNEW that people from all over the world would seek you out, wise one! :-)

Lorna said...

I am SO tempted, but I promised myself I wouldn't do that, and so far I've resisted. It does sound like fun though

ShortWoman said...

Oh yes, usage statistics are great. For example, Granny, you are my 33rd biggest referrer this month, with 7 people visiting me via your page. People found me looking for short women and pescatarian menu ideas and funny stories about teachers. This is an improvement, because my biggest search terms used to be upskirt pictures and "how to make money selling cars". It amazes me that people type complete sentences into Google.

Anonymous said...

Hello there !

A French girl sending you all her best wishes for the new year to come !

...and no, I don't come thanks google, but thanks OO yahoo!group where I used to read your wise answers :-))

Again, all my best wishes !