Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Bear's Gotta Learn
What To Do
This little cub has lost his mother. And so, there has been no one to teach him to hibernate. Without his mother's guidance in how to be a bear, he is still awake and scrounging for food on Douglas Island (just across the bridge from me). He won't survive the winter if he doesn't hibernate. So, Fish and Game has set out bear traps and when they capture him they will feed him really well for a few days, take him far from garbage cans, and put him in a wooden nest to encourage him to sleep.

Yup, that's the wild and wooly northland for you. Put Teddy in his jammies and call the Sandman for him.

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Anvilcloud said...


gawilli said...

Hope they have better luck than I did with my Teddy...I mean kidlet. Someone may need to take a little nap with him!

J said...

Good luck to the little bear.

Ally Bean said...

That's interesting and sweet. I wonder if they'll give him a teddy bear to sleep with in his wooden nest?

Cherry said...

You'll have to give us an update.