Thursday, January 25, 2007

In A Nutshell

In a Nutshell

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8. My parents felt strongly about passing on these lessons:
My father made sure I knew that I was loved. When he and Mama brought Forrest home from the hospital, my father took me aside and told me to promise not to tell Mama, because it would break her heart, but that he loved me best. Of course, I ran right to Mama and spilled the beans.

Mama wanted me to know how to behave and to be a lady. I can't say that she was successful in teaching me these lessons. I mean, I can sit down and make a list of how a lady behaves, but I've never been attracted to the role. However, I did take the idea of being mannerly and respecting other people to heart. Mama also taught me to see things from the other person's perspective.

Daddy wanted me to be ready to face the world, and so it was important to him that I know that "no one is going to overlook misbehavior just because you are Joy Ward, they are going to expect you to do things correctly." The other thing Daddy knew I would need was to stand up for myself. So, when I bought a pair of shoes that were faulty, he had me take them back for another pair. He allowed me to interact with the outside world in my own defense, although he was always near by should I need him. Just knowing he was there, I don't recall that I ever did need him. He judged my ability well.

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kenju said...

Again, he was a smart man! I love how you said you were not attracted to the role. I wasn't either. I remember a sorority rep visiting our campus and telling us that "Ladies" didn't smoke while standing up, ever. I laughed her off the dais (although now, of course, I know she is right...LOL)