Friday, January 26, 2007

In A Nutshell

In a Nutshell

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10. This person in my family was funnier than the rest.
Oh, now this is a hard one. As I said last time, the funny gene is strong in my family. It's hard to think of any family gathering where a number of people weren't joking around. Even our more serious cousins, the Dunkard (Church of the brethren, somewhat like the Amish) branch, tend to joke and laugh a lot. Different members of the family tend to different kinds of humor and many have a wide range of things they think are funny. Mama and Aunt Flo are superb at the ridiculous statement that pricks the bubble -- the sort of thing like "aren't we glad the children take after our side of the family?" Forrest has a very earthy sense of humor, and would make an excellent stand up comedian. I remember when he was in junior high and high school, he memorized and could repeat word for word and inflection for inflection the works of Bob Newhart and Shelley Berman and Bob Hope and Andy Griffith. I like to tell real life stories with a humorous twist more than tell jokes. Or give one liner responses -- when I was in college I was at a party and a man, who was sitting between two giggling women who kept saying they were going to pee their pants, remarked that he hoped they didn't, and I said, "And yet, you sit there." My grandfather Herndon excelled at giving nonsensical answers with his eyes twinkling.


kenju said...

That line about "sitting there" is PRICELESS!

I had an age 85 great uncle who, when asked by a cousin of mine :"Uncle Lee, when did you lose your interest in sex?"....answered...."What makes you think I've lost interet?"

Joy Des Jardins said...

This one would be a hard one to figure out in my family too J. So many comedians...I just couldn't do it. It makes for some great family gatherings. I know your wonderful family must have had MANY such times.