Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cat Adventures

I was lucky this morning. First of all that cats don't know how to sneak. And then that the Care-A-Van was a few minutes late to pick me up. Since that meant that I was still home when the odd noise came from the kitchen and I discovered that the Hooligans had managed to open the cupboard with the potato chips and were making advances on the bag. I was able to remove their new toy, fasten the cupboard, and wrap a rubber band around the fastener (the old one had broken, which was why they managed to get it open).

Because if I had been gone when it happened, I would have come home to find that they had eaten most of the bag, thrown up from too much salt, and left chip crumbs from one end of the house to the other.

In A Nutshell follows.


J said...

Far too gross. I'm really glad you were there!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Ardi said I would like your blog and she is right. I'll read deeper when I have more time. I like your questions answered for your daughter. Handsome family you have, including Maya--and the kitties.

Gina said...

I bet this is the only time you are grateful that the van was late!

Autumn's Mom said...

Why is it that cats like to eat bags when it makes them sick every time???? We have a cat (Stinky) who isn't very sneaky. Whenever she gets into something or is playing she meow's very loudly. And this usually happens in the middle of the night!

Maya's Granny said...

I have no idea why cats like to eat bags, but they do. And they have no concept of sneak. They stalk quietly, being wonderful hunters, but when the food isn't alive they just solve the problem and grab it.

Cherry said...

Mmmm salty cat puke!

This is why I want to get rid of the carpet. Gross!

We have baby locks on our kitchen cabinet that holds the trash can, because of the cats. And no plants or cut flowers allowed or the amount of puke goes way up. Man, those boys are lucky I love'em.