Monday, February 12, 2007

Is That Pesky Boy Crying Wolf Again?

In the 2002 State of the Union Address, Bush named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" -- and right then I knew he intended to invade all three. Well, one down and look what's happening now.

How stupid do they think we are? Here they are, telling us that now the intel says that the leadership of Iran is furnishing a new explosive device to Iraqi insurgents. And, shades of Colin Powell and his white powder at the U.N., they have a picture of the new device.

To quote Jill at Brilliant At Breakfast,
Funny how Iran prints the information on its bombs in ENGLISH, isn't it?
The day is going to come when it is a real threat and no one is going to believe them. Hell, that day could be today. Is hyping the threat so often that it ceases to raise concern a form of aiding and abetting the enemy?

Putting Abram Shulsky, the guy who was in charge of gathering intel that Cheney viewed as reliable for Iraq, in charge of gathering intel on Iran, is a touch too deja vu for me. Sending several aircraft carrier groups in to the Gulf is a touch too provocative for me. I just don't trust this administration. I do realize that Congress is not going to authorize a war with Iran, but if one can be started while disguised as dealing with problems in Iraq, Bush doesn't need further authorization.

It isn't that I doubt that Iran is helping the insurgents. It isn't that I think that Iran is the good guys. It is that, and this both breaks my heart and infuriates me to be able to say in all truth -- that I do know that I can't trust my own government these days. Iran may, and probably does, lie. But Bush absolutely does lie. Has lied. Wants this war. Is. Not. Trustworthy.

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Bitty said...

I had EXACTLY the same thought earlier today: the boy who cried wolf. If Bush finally does tell the truth, no one will believe him.

KelliAmanda said...

Yes yes and yes.

Betty said...

I don't trust this bunch, either. As Mollie Ivins used to say, "Listen to what Bush says, and then watch what he does." Well, he said the other day that he had no intention of invading Iran. Start watching.

J said...

Ugh. The question isn't, is Iran up to no good, because they surely are. The question is, are we correct to attempt to do something about it, which we surely are not, at least not going to war...

I guess N. Korea is next, which has pretty much been what I expected since the whole Axis speech. UGH.

AlwaysQuestion said...

The frittering away of any crediblity that might have accrued to the Executive Branch since Iran-Contra may be the worst thing Bush has done.
This morning I saw a clip on NBC wherein Bush says that he guesses people questioning his agenda is just politics. No, it's painful experience.