Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Signposts to Sanity

An occasional feature where your lovin' Granny points you at somebody else's really good stuff

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast has written the fantasy of the stoic warrior, a post about returning Iraq War soldiers and PTSD that you really should read.

Echidne of the Snakes sent me to this story of mid-feminism reality that is important for all working mothers The Opt Out Myth in Columbia Journalism Review.

And then, harking way back to my post on Sexualizing Children, you might want to read Echidne's own Spaggheti Straps and Lasagna which deals not only with the sexualization of young girls, but with society's tendency to hold mothers responsible for negative social trends.

Over at Alternet.org there is a piece For the Christian Right, Gay-Hating Is Just the Start, By Chris Hedges dealing with the frightening path that the religious right is trying to lead us down.

In A Nutshell follows.