Saturday, March 24, 2007

Signposts to Sanity

An occasional feature where your lovin' Granny points you at somebody else's really good stuff

You might like to take a look at Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy by Bill McKibbon at . He discusses how in today's world, where we already have more than enough to survive with style, increased prosperity no longer equals increased happiness. Indeed, it may lead to increased stress, and decreased happiness, partly because of the loss of community and connectedness.

I was googling Anchorage, fire hydrant, cold to get further information on the fire hydrants popping out of the ground, and google took me to an article by Big Mitch Schapira at his blog, What We Know So Far, on voter suppression in Anchorage that involved using a helicopter to drop a chain on the power lines and opening the fire hydrants on a winter day and creating ice on the roads. It was a wonderful post, and by a blogger I hadn't encountered before. As I explored his blog, I ended up adding it to my political blog roll. Here is an article on the current US Attorney firings.
Suppose you had a small business, and you hired a secretary. After a bit, you decided that you didn’t want him or her to work for you anymore. You could fire the employee with impunity: you don’t need a reason. Likewise, if you discovered that your employees were stealing from you, you could fire them because, obviously, you have a good reason. The point is you can fire an employee for a good reason or for no reason.

But now suppose you discovered that your secretary was married to a member of a minority group. If you decided to fire the employee for that reason you would be guilty of discrimination, and your conduct would be actionable. You can fire for a good reason, or for no reason, but not for a bad reason.
I really like this guy. And, he's here in Alaska!

Over at Huffington is an article on The White House's "Voter Fraud" Fraud by Francis Wilkinson.
when the desperadoes behind the White House sandbags shout "voter fraud" in an attempt to justify their crude politicization of every nook and cranny of our government, I hopeBob Poe's experience with Bush justice will not be totally forgotten. When a cry of "fire" goes out from this White House, you can be all but certain you've just heard the voice of arson.

In A Nutshell follows.


Dee said...

About the firings....I am suspicious because they wanted them to testify without saying and oath and behind closed doors. Why no oath? I realize they would probably be lying even if they did say an oath but it bothered me that they did not want them saying one. I can understand why they would want it behind closed doors but why did they not want any transcripts of the trial? Some fishy stuff going on there if you ask me.

AlwaysQuestion said...

I love that last sentence, and mean to steal it! It has been making me crazy for years that we are unable to believe a word about anything from anyone in this administration, and that sentence expresses that beautifully.

Maya's Granny said...

aq -- I like that sentence as well. It is so perfect.