Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Signposts to Sanity

An occasional feature where your lovin' Granny points you at somebody else's really good stuff

Shark-fu, at Angry Black Bitch has a wonderful post on The Duties of Citizenship. It starts with an update on her injured ankle, and is just an excellent run down on what we the people need to do in terms of informed voting and citizen oversight. I like to write my representatives every time they do something I agree with, as well as when I want them to vote a particular way and when I am disappointed in what they have done.

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast discusses When Cancer Patients Refuse to Just Go Away, a compassionate, well thought out look at the ugly remarks that Katie Couric and Rush Limbaugh have made about John and Elizabeth Edwards. It is a very good read.

Digby, at Hullabaloo has an article on Faith Based Straight Jacket which looks at how intelligent conservatives are being held to the anti-science party line. Excellent work.
All of these people are obviously professional GOP whores and have a huge personal interest in trying to thread the wingnut. Some are willing to buck the base straightforwardly, notably Krauthammer, who went to medical school, but as I wrote when I first posted on this, the discomfort and dissonance is palpable among most of these people:

What do you suppose it's like to be intellectually held hostage by people who you know for a fact are dead wrong on something? It must be excruciating.

And, are you surprised that Sandy Szwarc has done it again? In Science is So Inconvenient she discusses the MSG scare.
Evil motives have been implied by the fact the MSG makes food taste better and, therefore, people might eat more. How sad that the idea of enjoying food has become something sinister among some people today.


Betty said...

I think the Republicans are afraid that the state of Elizabeth Edwards' health will ultimately lead to discussions of that state of health care, and that's an area the Republicans want to avoid.

Maya's Granny said...

And think how it would look if Edwards ran against Gingrich, who told his wife he was leaving her when she was on her hospital bed, recovering from cancer. Hoo, boy!

Chancy said...


Thanks for the link to "Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast"

She said it all and very eloquently when writing about Elizabeth and John Edwards and their brave example.