Saturday, March 31, 2007

Silly Saturday Stuff

Some days I just want to make you laugh. Today is one of them.

So, for your enjoyment, I offer, a baby in a cooking pot of herbs to cure an upset stomach in the Central African Republic. Gives a whole new meaning to being "cute enough to eat." Picture from

And a link to my favorite columnist saying something genuinely funny.

Check out Jon Carrol at for
A while ago, I talked with someone who had spent much of her life writing for television soap operas. She said the formula was simple: "Tell them what they're going to see, tell them that they're seeing it, tell them what they've seen." I watched a few episodes of one soap after that; the template was pretty obvious when I knew what to look for. It explained, among other things, why a character would say, "My God, I'm fainting."

Followed, of course, by, "I think she's fainted."

Now, does that make your day go a little better?


Deja Pseu said...

One of my theories about why soaps are written that way is so that people can miss a few days or a few weeks, and be able to catch up pretty quickly. For example when a character says "After John was convicted of murdering Jane, Harry went to find Sally's gun to help prove John's innocence", the person who just got back from their cruise to Aruba is right back on top of the story line! It helps retain viewers and ratings.

Cuppa said...

Oh dear, I think I feel a faint coming on too. Maybe I need to go find a cooking pot full of herbs big enough to put my head in. If it works for an upset stomach maybe it would work on a headache too.

Thanks for the laugh this morning.