Monday, April 09, 2007

The Good Humor Woman

When I was a hippy, living in San Francisco, there was a woman who lived on Haight Street who delivered erotic ice cream. Her name was Magnolia Thunderpussy, and there were ads on the radio. There was an unsplit banana with only two scoops of ice cream, which I think was named for some man, and a very naughty pineapple confection. It was wonderful to call and have this very decadent dessert delivered, particularly when one had a case of the munchies. They were, as I remember, rich and delicious.

Anyway, when I posted Granny's Boys I noticed that when I wrote it for Maya I had ended it by calling Merry and Pippin magnificent thunder pussies, so I had to share the bit of memory with you.

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kenju said...

I am laughing out loud at this! On a blog I read everyday, there is a woman who calls herself Magnolia Thunderpussy, who comments there all the time. I used to get such a kick out of her comments, but all of a sudden, I couldn't get into that blog's comments, and so I can never read them anymore. Maybe you'd enjoy them. Let me know if you want the link. LOL