Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hippy Feet

Remember these painful things? I think that they were the inspiration for Steve Martin's Cruel Shoes. When I was a young woman, in the 60s and early 70s, this is what women wore. Very pointed. Needle nosed is what they were called.

I, however, did not shove my feet into these things.

I had sandals that looked like this custom made to fit my feet. I was comfortable. Not only that, but I still am.

Most women my age have bunions and other distortions of their feet from wearing those cruel shoes.
But I started out with these feet with their wide toes. They would have suffered so from being crammed into needle nose shoes. Look at those toes -- see how they spread? I can pick things up with them. I can write with them. I can use the toes on one foot to take the sock off the other foot. I can't get them to close unless I make a fist with them. And, because I was a hippy and so avoided hurting my feet, they still look like this. Toes still spread. No bunions. No corns. No pain, as long as I get shoes that are wide enough. Ah, I'm so lucky to have hippy feet.

Click on pictures to enlarge. See just how my toes still spread in the snow prints.


kenju said...

I loved the pointed toe shoes with high heels, but my feet are slim and my toes sort of curve that way anyway. I wore those off and on for years, but I was lucky to escape bunions and corns. My foot problem stemmed from sticking one under a lawn mower, accidentally, of course.

AlwaysQuestion said...

I've heard of people suffering for their art, but bare footprints in the snow? Put some (sensible) shoes on!

Maya's Granny said...

I have hot feet. Walking in the light snow for a few steps feels very good some days. So, I didn't suffer for my art at all.

mary lou said...

Well let me try again...my 'puter is kicking me off every time I try to post. Ill make this one shorter!

I said I used to do that, but now the only time my feet are cold is when I am in bed. They just stay cold all the time. (diabetes)

Betty said...

Ah, yes. The good old days. I wore those shoes to work every day, along with a long-line girdle and long-line bra. I was so trussed up, I might as well have been wearing a chastity belt. But, I looked GOOD! lol

Godwhacker said...

I love cruel shoes!