Sunday, April 01, 2007

In A Nutshell

This weekend I got feedback that some of my readers see the familiar picture of Julie and me and read the first few words and think it's the same post! I have been using the picture because it is one of the few I have of the two of us, but I will vary them. And vary the words of the introduction. OK, you know what we're doing here. And today, we are down to:

54. My elementary and high school could be described as (small/large, public/private, academic/vocational): all over the map.

Let's start with elementary. Some were small, some were large. Some were public, two were private. One was even boarding school. I guess all of them were academic. Some were in the country, some in the city, most in the suburbs, one on an island, one in the Rocky Mountains, two in the desert. Moved around a lot. My first four were in California, then Puerto Rico, then Denver, then El Paso, then Roswell. And, of course, the one in San Mateo, California, where did I three weeks of post graduate junior high. Most, being public, were secular. Two were Catholic, although I wasn't.

Moving on to high school, both were moderately sized, public, academic, and fairly new. One was very suburban, being in San Mateo, on the San Francisco peninsula, and therefor part of the bedroom communities even then. The second was in Modesto, which was at that time country, and when I attended, there were houses on one side and farm land on the other.

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