Saturday, April 07, 2007

In A Nutshell

And here is yet another episode in our adventure of answering questions from me for Julie.

58. What I enjoyed doing most after school was:

I loved being outside. Climbing trees, building forts, running, swinging, playing games. Lots of hopscotch and jacks in my younger years. Lots of exploring and adventure in my entire childhood. Lots of sitting in a tree or on the grass and talking for hours. Walking, everything from to the mall to around the block. Kate and I used to walk to the mall almost daily. Gail Jennings and I walked all over Berkeley. Walked to school or to work. Walked to see friends. When I was in high school, I would walk from one side of Modesto to the other, going over to see my grandparents. No one thought a thing about it. It was wonderful -- I could watch the progress of people's gardens, or of fields full of crops.

I did play indoors in the winter when we lived in Denver. I can't remember spending time indoors for play anywhere else. I began in the trailer and there wasn't room indoors to play much. And most of the places we lived when I was a kid had very inviting outdoors to play in. We were out of our parents' hair and their absolute control -- a win/win.

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