Monday, April 16, 2007

Quiet Morning

This picture, taken from my front porch a few winters ago, is of 8th Street, which is, as you can see, two buildings long, and then it ends and the hillside drops down to Cope Park.

Because all of the snow we had this winter is melting, Gold Creek is running very full. It is fed into by streams from both Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts, and they are racing full speed down hill.

Here you can see the view down the hill into the park. So, although Gold Creek is not very far from me, it is practically to sea level when it passes by my neighborhood.

Which is what makes it so remarkable that I am sitting here with my window open, and the world is so quiet and the creek is so full, that I can hear it tumbling over the rocks. Other than the calls of a few raucous ravens and crows, the creek is the only thing I hear.

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J at said...

That sounds so peaceful. :)