Friday, April 13, 2007

Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World

I'm not really a sports fan at all. A week or so ago an on-line group I belong to sent around a meme and one of the questions was favorite sport to watch? and I ended up answering "horse racing" although I probably haven't seen more than ten horse races in my life. But, I did enjoy all of them.

So, when I was in college, I went to one football game. And providence was directing me that day, because that was the day that the announcer said, "And remember, this game is being sponsored by Flying Ass! I mean, Flying A Gas."

And I was watching Merv Griffin the night the half grown tiger cub tore the furniture apart just stretching and scratching. Merv and the trainer just stepped aside and got out of the little guy's way. And the next night, the entire set was new. Sadly, tape of this show has been long lost.

And I was watching Johnny Carson the night that Ed Ames was his guest. The wonderful moment is one of the treasures of the Tonight Show which still exists, and you can see it here on YouTube Well, no you can't. The video is no longer available. Piffle. What happened was that Johnny and Ed, who was then appearing in Daniel Boone as Mingo, the Harvard educated Indian, got to talking about Ed's ability to throw a tomahawk and Ed threw one at a log with a man drawn on it in chalk and the tomahawk hit the target right in the crotch. Johnny's quip,"I didn't even know you were Jewish" and "Welcome to Frontier Bris."

Anyway, providence has been making sure that I didn't miss some of the most delightful laughs of my life.

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