Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Maya Threw Rocks

We walked out the flume, forest beauty to seek,
& Maya threw rocks into Gold Creek.

"Look at the beaver dam," said Granny so fond,
& Maya threw rocks into the pond.

Icebergs and waterfall,
Glacier — the Mendenhall
What does it take?
& Maya threw rocks into the lake.

Up to Eaglecrest, blueberries to pick,
& Maya threw rocks into the crik.

Mama found berries up on the ridge,
& Maya threw rocks off of the bridge.

We examined the remnants of gold miners' dreams,
& Maya threw rocks into the streams.


Chancy said...

I like your poem and the sentiment you expressed.

Children just have to do what children want to do don't they?

The little darlings :)

Betty said...

What can you do? Maya "rocks"!

Ms. Mamma said...

The second photo is just so sweet and it's stunning as well!

gawilli said...

I would probably be throwing rocks also! What a beautiful place you live in. I cannot imagine seeing something so glorious as this.

Shelliza said...

I came by from J's blog. What precious pictures. Maya is such a cutie and you're so lucky to have J as your daughter and of course, Py, too!

pennyormsbee said...

What a beautiful poem. I have loved poetry since I was Maya's age. Thank you for sharing.