Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Visits

There are a number of very good Memorial Day posts you might want to visit.
Sandy Szwarc has a piece on the Missing Man's Table.
Julie, at Thinking About talks about Rethinking the Draft.
Jill over at Brilliant At Breakfast has a number of posts that concern the war and the losses we are suffering. To me, the most touching isThe Loss Most of Us Can't Even Fathom.
Gawilli at Back In the Day talks about Memorial Day and her father.
At Pandagon, Bring Them Home looks at the 980 graves that have been filled since last Memorial Day.
At Along the Way. Joared tells us about the Hawaian Lantern Festival
Donna, at Changing Places posted History, a good read that mentions Shiloh and the lessons she has taught her son.
On Lassiter Space Jay talks about Honoring The Fallen, Philly Style.

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joared said...

A belated thanks for mentioning my blog. Reads like I missed some good ones as I'm just now playing catch up on visiting.