Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Up Silverbow Basin

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Kenju commented on It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood that she hadn't pictured my neighborhood like that, so I thought I'd show you what it looks like when you walk in the other direction.

If you look at the right top corner of the map, you see a street that wanders off the grid and then meanders around the mountain, following the faint blue line of Gold Creek. What you are seeing is Basin Road climbing the hill and leaving town to go out Silverbow Basin. The final one block long intersecting street between Gold and Basin is 8th. I live at 8th and Basin. The first picture is located at the bend.

This is the last house on Basin Road, a leisurely three minute walk from my place. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to see a waterfall from your windows? It would make washing dishes an absolute delight.

And this is the bridge just around the curve from the last house. The upslope to the right is Mount Roberts, and across the creek, to the left, is Mount Juneau.

There is a foot bridge over Gold Creek, taking you from the Mount Roberts side, with the road, to the Mount Juneau side, with the path. This picture was taken from the foot bridge, facing west. If you follow the creek you will pass through town and out to the Gastineau Channel, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. And, currently, when you get down to the Channel, the salmon are walking on each others' backs they are so thick.

Facing east from the foot bridge, there is the spillway. Behind that are the Coast Mountains, and if you went that way for a very short while, you would be in British Columbia. Out of the country completely.

As you can tell from the foliage, these pictures were taken one fall. From the fullness of Gold Creek, this was probably 1999, when we got the tail end of Typhoon Leo. Lots and lots and lots of pelting rain. The airport was closed for about three days, and all of the creeks were full to overflowing.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

It sure is beautiful, but I don't know that even a waterfall outside my kitchen window would make doing dishes a delight. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, about the idea that something can make washing dishes a delight, I don't know. It's a lovely waterfall, but you're still washing dishes now, aren't you? :-)

Maya's Granny said...

J and Ally Bean,
I once washed dishes overlooking the rapids of a creek, and nine times out of ten, I enjoyed it.

Deja Pseu said...

After seeing these pics this morning, I told my husband, "we need to move to Juneau!"

kenju said...

The waterfall would probably make me pee (since the faucet does)....LOL

Thanks for showing me your neighborhood. It is lovely, but I cannot imagine it covered in snow and ice!

Betty said...

Beautiful neighborhood. I wouldn't mind having a waterfall to look at. I do have a little lake with a fountain in the middle of it. Makes a nice sound.

Joared said...

Really like the views you've provided. I love the sound of the water flowing, except as you say if it should happen to flow too much.