Thursday, July 26, 2007

If You Can Catch It. . .

By now you probably have all heard of the newest study that shows that fat is contagious? That if your friends gain weight, you gain some too -- not as much, but some?

When I read this, the first thing that occurred to me was, "Well, now I'll see who my real friends are. Anybody who stays my friend after this is really my true friend." I mean, would I have the courage to stick with someone who could give me the 21st century equivalent of leprosy? If I had known that the way to be comparatively slender was to avoid fat people, would I have been friends with some of the people I know and love? Hell, would I even hang out with myself, had I only known?

Which led to fantasies of masses of fatties, walking the highways with bells to warn the thin that they should not approach. Having to beg because no one would allow us to get close enough to the thin people to work.

But, Shark-fu, at Angry Black Bitch had an entirely different take on it. In Upon Discovery of Skinny Ass Robustus, she states
Well, that changes everything about my approach to the size of my ass. Out with the “sometimes foods” and in with manipulating frightfully thin people into friendship so this bitch can catch a good case of Skinny Ass Robustus!
Happy, happy, happy…and joy times three!

Okay, so I need to locate frightfully thin people for my party. But wait! Some of my friends are frightfully thin. If thin is a virus…and you catch it from friends who are infected with thin…then why the hell is a bitch not frightfully thin?

Oh, I get it. I must not have been properly exposed to Skinny Ass Robustus!

Mayhap I should throw a Skinny Ass Robustus party the way parents throw a Chicken Pox party?


kenju said...

My mom, who weighed about 200 lbs. for most of her adult years, used to say if a think girl wants to look even thinner, she should hang out with heavy girls. I guess this shoots that theory all to heck...LOL

J at said...

I think perhaps studies should be outlawed. They're all bugging the crap out of me.

Rain said...

To me, studies like this are ridiculous. Because people of a similar weight might be drawn together because they have something in common-- habitual dieting or enjoyment of food, doesn't mean it is influencing each other at all. I happen to have friends who are heavier than me and lighter than me. What we have in common is none of us talk about dieting incessantly or brag about our slim or luscious figures. We have interests in common, not weight. I wish they'd quit paying people to do such studies. It might not save a lot on the budget but it'd sure do a lot for heartburn.

Kay Dennison said...

I think this is a pretty lame study.

Deja Pseu said...

Both kate harding at Shapely Prose and Sandy Swarzc at Junkfood science have done excellent takedowns of this ridiculous study. It defies both logic and science.