Thursday, July 19, 2007

Living in the Rain:
With An Aside
On Comfortable Shoes

I posted this picture last July 23, but I thought that those of you who have found me since then might like to know what I look like on rainy days.

This is actually a winter photo, as you can see by the bare branches on the trees, but it is one of my favorites. On a rainy day I believe in dressing in bright colors to cheer myself up. With the weather we have around here, I wear bright colors a lot.

I always feel particularly regional in this hat; it is a fisher hat and commercial fishing is a big part of the local economy.

The other way you can tell it is an old photo is the shoes. In those days I wore white walking shoes; these days I have discovered that men's walking shoes fit my feet better than women's and am wearing some in black leather. Should you be, or know, a woman with wide feet, let me recommend men's shoes. I haven't had such comfortable feet since 1960 when I moved to Berkeley, and had several pair of sandals custom made and discovered that it was not necessary for my feet to hurt all the time. They don't make women's shoes wide enough for my feet, so I have to get them too long, and before they are wide enough, they are so long they slide up and down my heels and cause blisters. Blisters and corns both. What joy. I kept those sandals, wore them all the time except when I couldn't, got them repaired again and again, but eventually they were done for and I had to throw them away.Let me tell you, I hated giving them up.


joared said...

Oh, I've known the shoe width problem. I remember especially in the years the pointed toed high heels were all I could get for work -- I did have to dress up. I never knew for years a wider shoe would have helped a bit. Most of the shoe stores didn't carry a wider width anyway.

kenju said...

I have the opposite problem; my feet are narrow. Nearly everything causes blisters on my feet, but the new slides or clogs and especially the rubber/plastic crocs. I love them, and they're good for the rain, too!

Py Korry said...

Well, nothing like a good pair of shoes to make you feel better. I have to buy those expensive ECCO's, but they are worth it.

Maya's Granny said...

I was wearing sandals during the pointed toe days, and I'm one of the few women my age I know without bunions and misshapen feet.

It is difficult if your body is different in any dimension, isn't it?

No price is too high for good shoes. The ones I wear are the most expensive things, but so very worth it.

Kristen said...

Such a lovely photo of yourself! Glad to see you. Your family is lovely too. You should be so proud!

Mildred Garfield said...

With time my feet have gotten wider and the old shoes were just not doing the job. My podiatrist suggested trying a man's shoe because they are made wider than a womans shoe. Interesting that you found that they work for you.

I've had success with SAS shoes, they work the best for me. The New Balance sneaker is ok and Brooks are ok too.

SAS shoes don't look so good but they make me feel good and that's what counts!

AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

Love the color combos! Very cheery, indeed. Yep, count me in on the men's shoes.

Anonymous said...

You look like you are getting ready to give someone a big hug!! Nice rainy day photo.


Joy Des Jardins said...

I love this photo of you J. I certainly have made adjustments to shoes over the years. Today, it's definitely comfort over fashion. I have many pairs of shoes, but usually wear the same 3 or 4 pairs because of comfort. I'm pretty sure my feet have gotten wider too.

Jill said...

AWESOME photo!!!!

Chancy said...

You look adorable in this photo.

I wear SAS lace up shoes all the time. I have inserts for tendon problems and these shoes are deep and wide enough to accomodate the inserts.

"SAS Free Time Women's Walking" Shoe"