Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We've been having nothing but this for the last five or six days.

Not our usual misty rain, but the pour down and soak rain.

Which is ok, except that Yahoo weather says.

It's never gonna stop!!!!

As far out as Yahoo predicts, this is going to be going on.

A good ten more days, at least.

We're just a touch tired of it.

Feeling down about it.

Ready for almost anything else.

And the thought of over sixteen days of rain, even here in this rain forest, is pretty heavy.

Which may be why my neighbor has started building this.

Somebody had better.


Kelli said...

Hey, send some to NC, won't you? We're in dire need. :-/

Cherry said...

and here I was weirded out by it raining down here yesterday.

Tabor said...

we also could use some real rain here. Heading out for a walk to a nearby movie theater it rains like crazy since I am walking about 5 blocks!

Charis said...

We seem to have the had all the world's rain here in the UK. It has done little but rain with occasional sunny spells, since May. We have had the heaviest downpours and consequent flash flooding in living memory.