Thursday, July 12, 2007

There Are Never Enough Deviled Eggs

A couple of weeks ago we had a potluck at work. Although the original announcement had been made the week before, like many, I had forgotten about it over the weekend. Then I was out Wednesday and Thursday, so when I came in Friday morning and read the e-mail that had been sent on Wednesday and the follow-up that had been sent Thursday, it was too late. No disaster, our office is right across from Rainbow Foods, and there is always something there to add to a potluck. I had just made this decision when my office mate, Jessica, came in and asked me if I had brought her dish. I thought she meant that she, also, had forgotten and had I remembered? But, it turns out that what she meant was that she had brought in her signature wasabi deviled eggs, and when she put them in the refrigerator, someone else had already brought a tray of deviled eggs.

Which reminded me of the church potluck I had attended in the early 80s where the minister, who really loved the things, commented casually that there were never enough deviled eggs at these events. And (you've guessed it already, haven't you?) at the very next potluck, there was nothing but deviled eggs.


Ginnie said...

My oldest son would be happy to have a meal of only deviled eggs !
I liked your last posting too. I guess your summer season is really quite short...while I'm looking at months more of this ungodly heat !

Deja Pseu said...

Ooh, wasabi deviled eggs! I'm goint to have to try that. I'm a deviled egg lover too.

J at said...

I guess that should be changed to, there are RARELY enough deviled eggs, except when there are too many. ;)

Mmmm. Deviled eggs. (Homer's voice)