Saturday, August 11, 2007


My very good friend Harold just e-mailed me these photos. He also sent me a series of a cinnamon bear cub sleeping in a tree, which I will post tomorrow.

Li'l Bear was hanging out at the house of friends of Harold's, and obviously gaining well wishers.

This picture is titled "Do I see berries?"

And here we see that Li'l Bear has wandered onto the deck and is following his nose. Bears regularly get into grills up here, which is a good reason for keeping them enclosed.

This picture is titled "I smell ribs. How do I get some?"

And this one is titled "No food here."

If the titles Harold gave the photos seem to imply that bears are motivated by food, that's exactly right.

This time of year they are awake, and when they are awake they are eating to store fat for when they are asleep.

I've often thought that it would be wonderful to be a bear. Eat all you want and get as fat as you can, and then go to sleep and wake up thin. Rinse and repeat.

And if I were a bear I would be very capable of defending the young. Making sure they were safe.

Ah, what a life. Although, I see them eating garbage and I don't think I'd like that part of it. Nor would I like not being able to read. However, since I wouldn't know it, it wouldn't bother me.


Deja Pseu said...

Don't bears also rely largely in insects and grubs for their protein? I don't think I'd like that part about being a bear either.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh, what a cute little guy. I hope he found something better than garbage to eat.

J at said...

Very cute pictures. I wouldn't like baby bears sniffing around my house, though, because baby bears usually come with mama bears. When we were up in Tahoe, they were talking about the recent fires and drought, and how the bears were starting to break into people's houses to get to food. That's a little too smart for me, and a little bit too close for comfort. Usually they picked houses that were empty, but they've surprised a few families as well...