Friday, August 17, 2007

Cat Stuff

I had to share this gem from the morning paper with you. It is a weekly column on cats, by Linda Daniel. To read the entire column, go to Cats love to come and go where she discusses the cat door that let in a porcupine, how frequently a cat will gaze at the front door until it is opened, as well as:

A cat door in Douglas was on "lock" last month, when Rufus, a red-haired tabby, discovered to his dismay that he was hosting a visit from the traveling vet. Rufus pussyfooted to the far end of the room. Then he whirled and made a run at the cat door. Pow! Leading with his shoulder, the cat knocked the door from its mounting and fled. "I don't believe what I just saw," the vet said.
And a big, gray cat named Dusty who lives in my neighborhood discovered a unique use for his cat door. He sits just inside with his head poking out, shielded from rain by the flap that rests like a visor atop his head.


Kay Dennison said...

lol Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty said...

LOL. My grandpuppy used to stick her head out the doggy door to check the weather before she went out.

Chancy said...

Oh my goodness

What funny, funny cats.