Monday, August 20, 2007

The Mighty Hoover*

When it wanders o'er the floor
It makes the most God awful roar.
There it sits, the mighty Hoover,
In the corner, that fearful mover.
Up stalks tiny Pippin cat,
His shoulders down on carpet mat,
Until he's close enough to spring,
Then out come claws and everything.
He lands just right, and knocks it flat
It crashes down and goes ker-splat!
And after running off in fear,
He once again approaches near.
He sits upon the fallen beast,
He's killed it dead. What a feast
He has provided for his clan.
Ah, heroic Pippin, my kitten man

* A poem written for Maya when the Hooligans were about four months old.


J at said...

Hmmm. Did they actually get to eat the vacuume cleaner? No? You heartless beast.

Cherry said...

Oh how kitties do hate the vacuum. The one of mine that is most fearful, once walked up to it while I was taking a break and started attacking the hose. Of course he quickly ran away and that is the closest he's ever been to the thing.

Chancy said...

My little grand dog even hates the dust mop not to mention the vacuum.

Super great poem.

Uncivil said...

Well written. Loved it!

My Boston,Emily is a vacuum slayer also!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hee, hee...oh how those kitties hate the vaccum. Great little poem.