Monday, August 13, 2007

Sleep In One Day

So, I slept late and when I got up, what had happened?

Karl Rove has resigned. Halla-flippin'-luja! Perhaps if I do this more often, more of them will leave? Cheney? Cheney's sociopathic sock puppet? Alberto G.?

Of course, it does make one wonder. Was this the deal before Libby didn't testify? One get out of jail free card and Rove has to leave?

Is it in the hopes of preventing prosecution?

Is it a ploy, and Rove will be directing things from his living room? Able to do things it's too dangerous to do from the White House?

Is he really leaving to go to work for the next bully boy they intend to stick us with?

Is there something wrong with me that I don't simply take this at face value? How stupid would I have to be to actually believe that this is the whole story?

And, what a crock, "Obviously it's a big loss to us, said deputy White House press secretary Dana Perino. "He is a great colleague, good friend and a brilliant mind."

Well, it isn't obvious to me that this toad has a brilliant mind. Can a mind be brilliant when the light never shines in it? Sly, yes. Sneaky, yes. Crafty, devious, foxy, Machiavellian, manipulative, scheming, calculating, dastardly, mendacious, nefarious, unscrupulous, and villainous. All the dark arts are obviously well understood. But there seems to be no notion of simple humanity. And it would be an insult to any animal one tried to compare him to.

Well, let's celebrate folks, and keep an eye peeled for his fey hand in the 2008 elections.

Update: from Julie's comment
"I also submit that you might remove the word 'foxy' from the toad, as an insult to foxes. Oh, wait, that's an insult to toads. Still funny."


J at said...

I submit that you should receive a government stipend that allows you to sleep in all you want, so we can get the bums out of office.

I also submit that you might remove the word 'foxy' from the toad, as an insult to foxes. Oh, wait, that's an insult to toads. Still funny.

Kay Dennison said...

In Bush-ese brilliant is a synonym for sneaky and under-handed. LOL

Deja Pseu said...

Eek! Morris Dancers! I spent many a happy day and night dressed in similar costume and making a joyous noise with bells strapped to my shins. More fun that adults should be allowed to have, I tell ya.

Wish I could get as excited about Rove's departure. The trouble is, his type of ratfuck politics is already well insinuated in the system. The infection has spread and will continue on it's own, even without the primary carrier present. On the other hand, this timing may mean that something really stinky is about to hit the fan.

Uncivil said...

Gosh, you guys hate Bush almost as much as I hate Hillary, and Bill, and Al.
They're all crooks!

Chancy said...

I still cannot believe that Karl Rove will really be gone in a few weeks.

I am so happy...