Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remembering That It's Nice
To Be Alive

Two photos from

"A star in stripes: One of two four-month-old Amur tiger cubs makes its debut at the Brookfield Zoo next to its mother Tiara, 12, in Brookfield, Illinois. The number of Amur tigers in the wild is estimated at 350 to 450."

Of course I would choose this one. That old mama and baby theme. And, it is cats after all.

"I feel like such an ass: A donkey looks at firefighters with pleading eyes after getting trapped in a well near Underwood, Minnesota. Rescuers dismantled the well to free the beast, which lost a bit of fur and some of its precious dignity."

Isn't it wonderful that people will rescue animals? This is taking a bit of trouble, and I don't imagine that there are many farms in Minnesota that are dependent on donkey power.

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John Eaton said...

Very cool, M.G.