Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Christmas Week

Here is Julie, two years old, reaching up for a bite of turkey, while Mama explains to her that lunch is almost ready. Mama was always firm about not letting us spoil our dinner, as you can see from her pointed finger. Julie should have gone to Daddy instead. Her beloved grandpa could never deny Julie anything, nor could he expect a hungry child of that age to wait for an official meal. But, to her credit, if Julie was aware that she could have gotten anything she wanted out of Daddy, she never played it.

If she were only a bit taller, she could have reached up and managed it all by herself. The curse of being small.

So, since she had been told that lunch was almost ready, and since she could see that the table was almost set, she went to the table to wait.

And we can see that lunch was not almost ready by the way Julie was measuring time that day. There she is, waiting. Where is the food? She looks so sad here that I have always treasured this picture.

How heartless must my mother be to make that child wait? And how heartless must I be to take a picture of it instead of sneak her a bite of something!


Deja Pseu said...

When Sam was a toddler and we'd take him out to eat, we quickly determined which restaurants had a clue about little kids; they'd immediately bring a little plate of crackers or a warm tortilla or sliced banana for him, even before we'd ordered. Smart folks!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I am a cruel mother, too, and sometimes take a picture or just laugh instead of helping Maya. But she's old enough now to take care of herself. ;)

Ginnie said...

What sweet pictures. I remember being that type of Mom...but not that type of Grandma. I guess the years will mellow us.

Chancy said...

What precious memories and pictures to treasure.