Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Empty Your Pockets

For some reason, the YouTube is no longer available, so follow the link to AlterNet and view it there.

Dennis Kucinich and Stephen Colbert are two of my favorite people. Very smart.
Is there anything as sexy as a playful man? Well, two playful men.


Rain said...

go to YouTube and search for Kucinich on Colbert. It's also there at least for now. I got the embed for you but it won't transfer in comments. But it's easy to get it there. Very funny and shows what a great man Kucinich would be as president

kenju said...

It's good to see a candidate with a sense of humor!

I read today on a SC blog that Colbert may run as a favorite son there.

J at said...

I loved the Rosetta Stone and the Magna Carta in there. Too funny. :)

Methinks Kucinich needs something like this: