Monday, October 29, 2007

There Is Hope, Yet

Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast has posted And yet another reason to love John Edwards, which includes his recent speech at St. Anselm's College, Manchester, New Hampshire. If you do not already read Jill, do follow the link. This is an impressive speech, and one that speaks to many of my concerns. He mostly talks about the corruption that follows taking campaign contributions from "powerful special interests" and also mentions political dynasties.

Kucinich is still my man, but I am liking Edwards more and more the more I read and hear of him. With this and Governor Bill Richardson referring to our troops in Iraq as "our kids" and demanding that they be brought home, I am seeing more hope in the candidates than I did at first.


AlwaysQuestion said...

I can see Kucinich. I just don't see how he gets elected.
Thank you for getting this out.

J at said...

I'm in love with Edward's wife. I would vote for her. ;)

Bridget Magnus said...

Policy-wise, I still have more in common with Mr. Kucinich and even Mr. Dodd, but Mr. Edwards is really a pretty good compromise position on most fronts. He's also the only one of the "top" candidates I could support without reservations. Don't get me wrong, if Hillary ends up being The Candidate, I'll vote for her, but only holding my nose.

J at said...

I read a great quote from Kucinich today...he questions Bush's mental health, saying, "there's either something wrong with him, or there's something wrong with us."