Monday, November 12, 2007

1984 is upon us

Go visit Time Goes By and read this post on HR 1955, which some are calling the Thought Crimes Bill. This frightening bill was passed by the House with only six dissenting votes* while the media was covering the California wildfires and has been noticed nowhere that Ronnie and her commenters can find. There is all likelihood that it will pass the Senate and no likelihood that it will be vetoed.

* "The six brave representatives who stood up against the majority in voting against H.R.1955 are: Jeff Flake [Rep-AR], Dana Rohrabacher [Rep-CA], Neil Abercrombie [Dem-HI], Jerry Costello {Dem-IL], Dennis Kucinich [Dem-OH] and John Duncan {Rep-TN]." Notice that they are split between Republicans and Democrats. Also notice that Kucinich is in this list.


Deja Pseu said...

Even more interesting that Rohrabacher is. He's quite the nutty little wingnut.

naomi dagen bloom said...

thanks for adding your post to the group of us doing this. went to a NOW meeting last night on media and gave copy of TGB and summary of the bill to presenter from Women's Media Center.

thinking about making half-page copies and giving out at something we may go to tomorrow. left a comment at Alternet. geez, what does it take?

Liona said...

Good for people to know.