Saturday, November 17, 2007

Forest and Sky

Credit & Copyright: Vincent Jacques

Explanation: With pine trees in dim silhouette, this skyscape from Breil-sur-Roya in southern France was captured on November 11. In the early evening scene, a satellite seems to streak through the branches, while bright, round, fuzzy Comet Holmes appears to lie just beyond them, near the stars of the constellation Perseus. Mirfak, alpha star of Perseus, is the brightest star above the comet and to the right. Next Monday (November 19), Holmes will be close enough to Mirfak to view the star through the remarkable comet's expanding coma. Recent measurements place the dusty coma's diameter at about 1.4 million kilometers, even larger than the Sun.

Ed.'s Note: Predawn skies this weekend will feature the Leonids Meteor Shower.

From Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Deja Pseu said...

I'd been hearing about this comet this week on NPR, but our nights have mostly been cloudy since. Thanks for the lovely picture!