Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life of Crime

I thought I would post this today, partly in honor of my having spent Friday as part of the grand jury. It is amazing to me how blatant crime is. Nothing subtle about it at all. We had a DUI where the guy drove off at 70 mph with a cop after him -- in a community where the longest road is 45 miles and there is no road out. We had two shop lifters who were watched in the store because they were recognized by staff as having done it before. And the technique! Pile the cart full of expensive stuff and shove it out into the parking lot! I mean, when I was shoplifting* we had the sense to distract people.**

So, that was my day. Helping law enforcement and realizing that it's a good thing I didn't become a criminal, because I was all too good at the brief foray I took into the life.

* When I was at my first high school; I reformed when I went to live with Auntie***.
** There was the time Kate and I wore our Girl Scout uniforms into the store and Sissy wore her slut outfit. Sissy picked things up, acted like she was going to put them in her pocket, put them back. And while everyone was watching Sissy, Kate and I did it. There was the time I asked the clerk for help finding pork blintzes, on the theory that no one would be watching anyone who called that kind of attention to themselves. Oh, and those were the times I didn't get caught, either.
*** At least temporarily. A few years later, I took it up again briefly, and then gave it up permanently.

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Uncivil said...

I must confess! I did it too! Only for a brief time when I was 16. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and it got to a competition to see who could lift the most stuff!

I got caught shoplifting a pair of shoes. The store detective called my dad and was going to release me if my Dad would come pay for the shoes. Then he said "son, your Dad wants to talk to you".
My Dad said, "Son you might have learned a lot of bad habits from me like cursing and drinking, but lieing ain't one of them! You're going to jail!" click!

Broke me of the habit! Best thing he could have ever done! It's a shame more parents don't have the strength to do that to their children!