Monday, December 17, 2007

Bound & Gagged

Don't some days just seem to be like this? Actually, this was how I was feeling the other day when I hadn't the heart to write anything.

Luckily, these moods seldom last long, and this last one didn't. It is hard, though, to look at all of the things that keep coming to light concerning the mismanagement of the current administration. And, the sign on the back of the island, the thing that makes it worse, is that the Dems don't do anything about it now that they have a majority in both houses. Maybe their majority in the Senate is too small for veto proof legislation, but they should make Bush veto it, damn it. Perhaps the Senate GOPs can stop bills from coming to a vote, but if that is so, then I think that Reid should make them actually filibuster to stop them. Not just pull a bill because of a threatened filibuster.

Prior to 2004, I had never voted either Republican or Democrat, and I may have to go back to that again. The Dems should be exercising oversight in a responsible manner. They should be standing up for what they supposedly believe in. They should not be caving and passing legislation that they claim they don't believe in. And so, I have to wonder, will a Democratic president and Congress work to restore the Constitution? Will they appoint directors to regulatory agencies who believe in regulation? Will they stand for the things we want them to any time soon? Do we have any hope?

The one thing that they have done recently that has pleased me is keep the Senate open over Thanksgiving so that Bush couldn't make any more recess appointments. If they can do that over Christmas as well, that would be good.

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Betty said...

I think Harry Reid is planning to keep Congress in session for at least some of the holidays. I have always voted Democratic, but, I'm having a lot of trouble picking a candidate, so far. I really think that Bill Richardson is much more qualified than the others, but, he's not doing a lot of campaigning so far. But, it's early days, yet.